Customized intercultural leadership development program

What is the purpose of having an intercultural leadership development process with us?

An intercultural leadership development and training program means a 3 dimensions one to one customized program working side by side with us.

The 3 dimensions contain:

First dimension: Intercultural communication
We help you, as a leader, to gain insight on intercultural communication – the capacity to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds, working styles and values systems.
We provide ‘on the job’ analysis and training to help you facing daily challenges and to develop intercultural leadership.

Second dimension – THE 6-D model
In this dimension, we apply the 6-D model to increase your cultural sensitivity,  effectiveness and performance as a cross cultures leader.

Third dimension: Intercultural Motivational Management
Here we work with what motivation is. We work on how, as an international cross-culture leader, can work with resistance and dilemma. We offer training with case-based tasks about change management with close connection with diversity & inclusion management.

We also offer program to identity inefficient thinking patterns and false cultural beliefs in order to develop fact-base working culture and communication style.

Why use us?
If you want to work with business psychologists with more than 10 years  experiences and would like to be challenged in a good way.

If you want to have some meaningful learning and successful leadership.

If you and your organization want to have specialists at your fingertips, who can help and mentor your leaders to grow with an international picture.

If you want to have competent psychologists who have international experience themselves … then get hold of us and talk about how we can help you or your leaders to the next level.

You can also read more about our profiles here

Theories behind our consultations and leadership training:

  • Positive psychology
  • Cultural psychological theories
  • Cognitive psychological methods
  • Different test tools
  • Working Models
  • Several types of communication tools
  • SCARF – change model
  • Lominger Competency Model
  • Jungian psychological types
  • Client centered approach

How we benefit you as a leader?
Instead of telling you what we think we can contribute, we share what we have helped the leaders in the International business world in the past 10 years:

  • They have gained a greater understanding of communication in general
  • They have experienced both leadership and team development
  • They have become more inclusive toward diversity
  • They have had the positive experiences as being challenged and solved the issues by knowledge and psychological tools we offered
  • They have acquired better cultural understanding and reached a more comfortable level in front of cross-cultural settings

When do you need us?

  • When your organization gets a new leader who comes from a different cultural background than Danish
  • When you or your leaders have to lead a cross-cultural team
  • When you or your manager must lead a team virtually
  • When you or your leader need to face an international context